Taking Responsibility

The Behaviour Charter sets out the standard of behaviour that is expected from all pupils that attend Bydales School.

The Behaviour Charter

At Bydales School, they believe all pupils people should:

  • accept responsibility for their own behaviour
  • work together positively for the good of the school community
  • aim to make the very best of their ability
  • ensure that everyone has the same opportunities
  • respect the building and those that work in it
  • help to create a safe and happy environment in which we all succeed

They regularly and consistently reward good work, effort and behavior through the award of letters of praise, certificates, newsletter articles and commendations in assembly. Pupils are encouraged to play an active role in the life of the school.

They are given the opportunity:

  • to take part in charity fund-raising events
  • to represent the school on a wide variety of occasions
  • to participate in year group and whole school assemblies
  • to become a member of the school council
  • to share in the day to day running of the resource centre
  • to become a member of the senior pupil team